From Elche, a European shoemaker city by tradition and craft experience, it is the perfect strategic location and logistics location, from where Marila designs and manufactures each season its new collections of beautiful shoes, full of creativity and quality 100% Made in Spain

The elaboration of our shoes, involves many and varied processes mostly handcrafted, it would not be possible to achieve the high quality of Marila without the participation of our expert craftsmen, who put all their know-how so that the result is always excellent, and the client enjoys from the first step of an authentically Premium footwear, in design, comfort and fashion.

The leather, used by Marila, is the best raw material that exists. When in contact with our own skin, we select it for its special characteristics, softness, breathability and flexibility, it is completely ecological and its tanning uses natural dyes without lead or heavy metals. Wearing our shoes is a unique experience that those who try it repeat.

Our designs follow the latest fashion trends, which often include vertigo heels and high wedges, but Marila always adapts to the foot, wrapping it without compressing it, respecting its natural form and ergonomics, so that walking is a true pleasure, with heels, wedges or planes, Marila is synonymous with comfort.

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