Lil Paolo

Lil Paolo is a company specializing in European-made shoes since 1967. Their expertise ensures a high level of quality in the confection of products made by an exclusively-adult European workforce.

The Italian plant is made up of motivated individuals working with the passion, perseverance and creativity required to design shoes using the latest technologies, while maintaining the same craftsmanship as 50 years ago.

The Research and Development Centre works closely with international universities and orthopedic clinics to study new materials and new technologies patented for the shoe industry, with a special focus on the latest studies on the physiology of children’s feet. New technological ideas, attention to anatomy and development of antibacterial soles that improve flexibility… each detail is minutely studied and considered in order to offer unique, exclusive products with a special attention to children’s health and welfare.

Attention to detail – that’s what it takes to create high quality, innovative products in Italy at competitive prices.

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